Back to Basics Series: Final Update

Hello!  I hope you are doing really well.

This is the last update in my Back to Basics Series.  The intention of the series was to introduce one new habit each week that would help set a solid foundation from which to start working towards my goals and to track how it all went.  The habits I covered were sleep, meditation, meal prepping, exercising, and a deep-cleaning housework routine.

Last week meals were organised and prepped on Sunday and Monday morning for the week ahead.  I meditated almost every day, went for one short run.  However I really fell down with going to bed early last week, and we have completed one housework zone during the last two weeks (as the previous week I was sick with a cold).

We were on school holidays last week so we generally had a different schedule to term time, but in the future I will rethink how to reschedule some activities to fit into our holiday routines.

Overall I feel happy with the habits I’ve been developing during this Back to Basics series and I’ll continue to keep going with them.  I’m still loving The Last 90 Days Challenge and really recommend it, and I also watched this recent How to Achieve Your Goals video by How Jen Does It which was great too.


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