Week Five: Back to Basics – Housework


Housework, there’s so much of it!

Although we do our daily housework, we do need to have some sort of schedule to consistently complete deep-cleaning tasks.

A while ago I searched online for housework schedules and stumbled across the How Jen Does It YouTube channel, and it’s my favourite channel for house related videos (and she has other great videos too).  Jen divides her house into different zones and completes a 15-minute deep-clean of one zone each day for a week.  Another more recent video is this weekly cleaning routine for general weekly tasks.

This seems pretty do-able for us, and my husband and I are going to each deep-clean a zone on alternate days.  This is my (or rather our!) goal for this week.  Because I’m writing this post on Monday (instead of Sunday) our deep-cleaning will start on Tuesday, and on one day we’ll complete two 15-minute deep-cleaning sessions.  Wish us luck!

Hope you’re having a great week.

Update on Week Four

Last week I completed my two short runs and meditated every day.  We shopped on Sunday for this week’s meals, and I did some meal prep on Sunday evening and finished off our meal prep today.  I tried to choose quick and easy to put-together meals to save us time in the evenings, but it also has saved us time meal prepping!  I went to bed early three nights last week.





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