Week Four: Back to Basics – Exercise

Hello again!

My focus for this week is to increase my current level of exercise.  My exercise routine doesn’t involve any sort of formal exercise program, I generally just dance (a lot!) at home, do a bit of yoga and go to an outdoor gym once a week near my parents’ house.  Looking after my little ones keeps me pretty active too.

Sometimes I think about employing a fitness instructor to help work out a more effective exercise program, and I think I might do this one day in the future.  At the moment though I’m happy to just start slightly increasing my exercise activities.

I’ve decided to include two short runs (which will increase in length over time) each week to my existing exercise routine. Eventually, I would also like to include an online workout session and start using more active modes of transport when out and about.

Please note I am not a health or fitness professional and the above is for informational purposes only.


Update on Week Three

Because our young ones are waking up earlier, I did wake up early (6 am or earlier) almost every morning last week.  I also meditated most evenings last week, however, I only made it to bed by 9 pm approximately half of the week.  Two nights I did get to bed around 9.30 pm though which is a vast improvement on my previous bedtime (10 pm – 10.30 pm each evening)!

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