Week Three: Back to Basics – Meal Prepping



My next priority to help achieve my goals is to consistently meal prep every weekend to save time during our weeknights.  Having a system set up and sticking with it every week without fail is my goal.  We are lucky that my husband is paid on a weekly basis (on a weekday) but this doesn’t marry up with when we find it easiest to meal prep (on the weekend).  We talked a bit about it, and he suggested making our next shopping trip cover a week and a half worth of meals until the following Sunday, a great idea.  So we’ll start weekly meal prepping the following week on Sundays.  Seems pretty simple, but unfortunately, we weren’t doing it!  We usually do some meal prep during the weekends but not enough to avoid at least a couple of nights scrambling around for meals or getting take-out.

I know that some people may struggle financially and not be able to meal prep for additional days so if you’re keen to meal prep but can’t do more than a week, or a full week, just do the best you’re able to – every little bit of meal prep helps.

Also, part and parcel of meal prepping are first writing a meal plan and grocery list, and if possible try not to shop on an empty stomach.

Some of my favourite meal prepping videos/sites are:

I also get a lot of slow cooker and other cookbooks out of the library.  Some of my go-to slow cooker and grocery shopping books (I own a couple of these too) are:


Update on Week Two

I went to sleep early (3 nights) and meditated (4 nights), approximately half of last week.  We had a couple of events and there were a couple of nights where we just didn’t get to bed early (I think a lack in meal prepping influenced how these nights went). Hopefully next week I’ll do a bit better!



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