Week One: Back to Basics – Sleep

Ahh…a good night’s sleep.

Decent sleep can seem hard to achieve sometimes, and the issue for me is the length of sleep rather than getting to sleep, although if I consume caffeine too late in the day I can kiss a good night’s sleep goodbye too!  Pursuing goals takes a good amount of energy and sleep is central to having decent energy throughout the day, so this is something I decided to focus on first in my efforts to work towards my goals.

I live in a busy household and we don’t always get to bed as early as we would like to, and subsequently, we often don’t get up as early as we would like to in order to get out the door at our desired leaving time(s).  It sometimes seems like a mammoth multitasking juggling effort to get us all out the door each morning, and I’m actually I’m less involved in this effort because I wake up slightly later in the morning.  We also get stuck when trying to finish all our household jobs done before heading to bed.

Liz from Frugalwoods wrote a blog post about her strict bedtime routine which sounds fantastic for someone like me that needs a lot of sleep.

We are definitely going to bed earlier than we used to but still not early enough for me to wake up at an early hour (I probably need to wake up about 6 am).  I’m still trying to get out of bed at 7.15am!   I seem to need a lot of sleep.

A while ago I drafted a daily schedule where I developed a general timetable for a typical day and identified where I could fit desired tasks (e.g. personal projects) amongst the other things I needed to do so I had a set times for all tasks.  I’ll revisit it this week because my children’s sleep times and length have changed slightly and it probably needs to be updated.

I also downloaded the Rock Clock app a while ago which I’m going to use to set a new wake up time of 6 am, which means I’ll set my evening bedtime for around 9 pm and I need to set up my scheduled activities to fit within these new times.  I’ll write back later on with my progress and let you know how it is going!

I follow the ChooseFI website and podcast and one of the many things I like about it is that they talk about taking action towards your goals each week.  I loved this and plan to tackle something new each week to help work towards my goals.


What is your sleep like?  Do you have a sleep and/or daily schedule? 

What do you think are the most important factors for you to reach your goals?

Please note I’m not a health or medical practitioner so please consult a medical professional if you are having sleep issues.

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